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What Reiki Is Like

Most people are surprised at how relaxing and empowering a Reiki Session can be. Most people find that a session once per month becomes a resource that helps them control stress and stay strong.

First, you recline, fully clothed, upon a special table in a comfortable room with soft lighting.

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Dr. Bates may gently touch you or cradle parts of your body, or she may simply hold her hands slightly above you.


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Dr. Bates will use a traditional series of hand placements to balance the natural energy flows of your body. Other hand positions will be added as needed for any areas of particular concern.

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The Usui System of Reiki is the oldest and purest lineage of practitioners. As Reiki Practice has developed, it has added in the use of the ancient Chakra System to guide hand placements and balance your body's energy. Special symbols are used meditatively to strengthen the effect of the treatment for spiritual, emotional, and physical balance, healing, and comfort.  


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Reiki can be used to help pets too. Most animals seem to enjoy the experience very much. Dr. Bates offers Reiki for companion animals through home visits in our geographical area. Also, clients sometimes take her first level of Reiki training to be able to help their animal companions themselves. 


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