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Free Self-Hypnosis Recordings you are welcome to play or download.


These are recordings of light self-hypnotic experiences. Dr. Giles considers this material safe for all normally-functioning adult persons, and you are welcome to download a copy of them for your own use.

If you simply click on the recorded track below, the recording will play through your computer. The recordings will always be available to you in the "Internet Cloud" and you may play them this way whenever you want.

If you would like to download a copy of the sound file, click on the "Download" link on the menu bar by each recording. The files (called MP3 files) will download to your computer. You can then import them to a digital player, put a copy on a smartphone or burn the recording to CD as you see fit.

Do not play these recordings while driving a car, operating machinery or while performing any other task that requires your focus to be on the exterior world.

Dr. Giles's work with private clients is much more powerful than what is provided here, but these recordings are effective and will give you an idea of what he can do.

Available Recordings

The Power of Positive Expectancy

The Power of Positive Expectancy -This is the "Flagship" Recording that will help you maintain a basic positive expectancy to the things that happen in your life. While no one can control what happens to them, we have some control over how we respond. This self-hypnotic experience will help you respond well.

Sleep Enhancement

Sleep Enhancement -Getting good sleep is important. Those who do not sleep well can have physical, emotional and spiritual problems. The self-hypnotic experience can help you improve the quality of your rest.

The Power of Self-Hypnotism

The Power of Self-Hypnotism -Everyone can put themselves in the self-hypnotic state. This recording helps you do that quickly. Once there, it provides helpful and encouraging affirmations.

Self-Healing in Your Life

Self-Healing in Your Life -The body has an amazing power to heal itself. This recording helps put one in touch with one's own healing power.

The Safety Shield

The Safety Shield -This is Dr. Giles's version of an old hypnotic technique for the management of worried feelings. It is simple, direct and very effective.

Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity -Bad things do happen to good people. I created this hypnotic experience to help take some of the mental and spiritual sting out of that reality. It is built on a key teaching from Dr. Bernie Siegel, who taught "we are stronger at the broken places."

Overcoming Cancer

Overcoming Cancer -I'm well known for my work with people who live with cancer. Dr. Giles created this self-hypnotic recording to provide some basic, general help to anyone who is dealing with that illness.

Relaxing Through the Holidays

Relaxing Through the Holidays -This piece of self-hypnotism is constructed to help you relax as you go through the Winter Holidays and enter the New Year. It is especially helpful with the stress of the season.

 The material contained in these recordings is considered proprietary. Except as noted and to the extent copyright is applicable, copyright is claimed. The material in these recordings is not a substitute for medical treatment, and these recordings should not be listened to while driving a car, operating machinery, or while doing anything that requires the focus of attention to be on the external world. This material may not be rebranded or resold, nor may any commercial use be made of it without the express written premission of the Rev. Dr. C. Scot Giles. Colleagues who are members in good standing of the National Guild of Hypnotists may make these recordings available to clients without any payment to Dr. Giles, provided the recordings are not modified in any way nor any charge for them made.