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Free Hypnotism For Cancer Care

Free Deep Hypnotism Programs in Four Locations.

Upcoming Topics


OCT: Removing Anxiety

NOV: Stay Aware of Gratitude

DEC: Changing Your DNA For The Better 


JAN: Self-Motivation for Self-Improvement

FEB: Character Armor (Protecting Your Feelings)

MAR: Feeling Secure

APR: Dealing with Overly Dramatic People

MAY: Setting Boundaries and Limits

JUN: Protect Yourself from Manipulation

JUL: Keep Control of Your Healthcare Team

AUG: Using Humor to Protect Your Mood

SEP: Self-Referencing Behavior

OCT: Knowing What You Want

NOV: Intentionality

DEC: Be Mindful of Splendor

The Deep Hypnosis program is a free group hypnotism program for people living with cancer. Dr. Giles conducts the program in four locations in an arc around Chicago.

The program is built on the findings of Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D. whose best-selling books on Mind/Body Medicine are well known. Dr. Giles has studied with Dr. Siegel and trained with his Exceptional Cancer Patients organization.

Participation in the program is free, but the program is limited to 25 persons in each location per month. Select the site you want and give the host a call to register and get directions. The hypnotism will be different each month, as will the topic for the meeting. You may come as often as you like. While the hypnotism will not be as powerful as what Dr. Giles does in his private office, long experience has shown it to be effective.

There is neither a charge nor any obligation for participating. This service is offered because we are  nonprofit practitioners and consider helping people for free to be part of our mission.

To Register

Wellness Beyond Walls, meets in Palatine, Illinois (630) 654-5197, or email

Meets on the first Saturday of each month at 10 am.


Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, Illinois (708) 229-6015

Meets on the second Saturday of each month at 10 am.


Wellness House in Hinsdale, Illinois (630) 323-5150

Meets on the third Saturday of each month at 10 am.


Edward Cancer Center in Naperville, contact Meagan Dean, LCSW (630) 646-6147 or

Meets on the fourth Saturday of each month (starting April 2016) at 10 am.