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Individual Consultation

When you are ready for the very best hypnotic and coaching service I offer, consider one-on-one consultation in my office, over the phone or by web camera.

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By far the most powerful service Dr. Giles offers is one-on-one consultation using Hypnotism and Heart-Centered techniques. You can see a list of conditions Dr. Giles helps clients with using hypnotism at the top of the Introduction menu.

Hypnotism, by definition, is a short-term intervention. Unlike psychotherapy which can take many years to be effective, the work of a Consulting Hypnotist is done much more rapidly. After your Initial Consultation you will be given a written protocol for your work. You will know how much time we think we will need to do an effective job. Dr. Giles always works with "check points" where he stops to ask "Are we getting good results?" He does not continue beyond a checkpoint unless both you and he believe that good results are obvious.

Please request our Free Report, "Take Control of Your Life Through the Power of Your Mind" by filling out the form on the Welcome page. The report will tell you a lot about how hypnotism can work for you.

We recommend you schedule a free half-hour phone consultation to discuss our services and then decide if they are right for you. You can schedule that session by clicking on the "Booknow Button" below and selecting "Free Phone Consultation" from the services menu. If you are ready to commit to getting control of your life now, click on the "Booknow Button" and select "Initial Consultation."

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