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Life Coaching

Do you want the very best hypnotic and coaching service we offer? Then create a short or long term coaching relationship to take you where you want to go in your life.

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Dr. Giles offers one-on-one consultation using professional coaching techniques, advanced practice hypnotism and Heart-Centered technology to enhance a client’s personal effectiveness as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resilience.

HypnoCoaching® is a supportive professional relationship that blends hypnotism and real-time coaching to help you become your best self. It doesn’t matter if your issue is recovery from a medical problem, relationship issues, stubborn habits or performance difficulties, Life Coaching can help you become the very best version of yourself possible. Dr. Giles was one of the first professionals to receive this specialty certification.

Life Coaching differs from simple hypnotism in that we examine all aspects of your life that affect your outcomes. We work with your subconscious mind—the most powerful goal-achieving mechanism ever evolved—to liberate the subconscious force that exists within all of us.

Coaching is effective quickly and may be combined with explicit medical hypnosis or other beneficial interventions integrated into a holistic program of self-empowerment. Our coaching programs are customized to your specific needs and delivered by conveniently scheduled consultations in person, or by phone or webcam.

The first step is to schedule a no obligation free phone consultation where we will discuss what will work best for you. Just click on the Book Now Button below and select Free Phone Meeting from the menu. The system will guide you to select a convenient time for a conversation.

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