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Our Philosophy


When consulting any helping professional, it can be useful to know the personal philosophy the professional accepts. We make no claim of originality here. Our philosophy is drawn from the work of M. Scott Peck, Napoleon Hill, Émile Coué, Cheryl Richardson and Bernie Siegel.

Life is difficult. The causes of life's difficulties are problems. However, it is by dealing with life's problems that we find our courage and wisdom.

The Power of Choice: People have the power to choose. Events may change our lives, but we decide what those changes mean. We can choose to tell ourselves a Victor’s Story just as easily as a Victim’s Story, and what we say to ourselves in the privacy of our mind has tremendous power.

Positive Expectancy: Thinking well of the future is essential. While there are always moments of uncertainty, you will consistently fare better if you expect a positive outcome.

Extreme Self-Care: Practicing self-care is the first step in caring for others in a healthy way. Putting the Golden Rule into practice means realizing that we are the most important person in our lives. We can help others best if our own lives are full and happy.

Subconscious Power: Our Minds have immense power. Our subconscious mind is the greatest goal achieving instrument ever evolved. However, how well it works depends on how well it is programmed. Successful people use its power by learning to manage their minds in service to their hearts. Unsuccessful people sabotage themselves by absorbing negative suggestions from the environment and not attending to corrective information. Hypnotism and Reiki are among the most effective ways to manage subconscious power.

Boundary-Setting: Limits are important. One cannot have healthy relationships if one does too much for other people. If we never say “no,” our “yes” has little meaning.