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Here are links that I think might interest people who visit my website. They are arranged in categories to make them easier to browse. I check them periodically, but if a link turns out not to work, please send me an email (click on the icon in the upper right corner) and I will fix it.




Mind-Body Healing

  • The National Institutes of Health

    This is the best place to go to get medical information. From the home page of NIH, enter the word "hypnosis" in the search box in the upper right hand corner and you will get a list of hundreds of scientific articles about the effectiveness of hypnotism.


  • Rhythmic Medicine

    Many people ask be about the beautiful music I use as a background for my hypnotic work. Much of it is by Janalea Hoffman, and this is her web site.


  • Wellness House

    Wellness House in Hinsdale, Illinois, is one of the largest and best regional support centers for persons living with cancer. For more than a decade I have based one of my free programs there.


  • Little Company of Mary Hospital

    I base one of my free clinics at the Cancer Center at Little Company of Mary Hospital. They do great work and are a hospital that works with the whole person.


The technology I use to monitor my clients during the trance experience is enWave technology from the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, California. HeartMath is a non-profit institute that researches the mind/body connection as related to cardiac function and they are leaders in the exciting new field of Heart Intelligence.


Religion and Spirituality

Links to Spiritual Care Organizations:

  • Unitarian Universalist Association

    This is the web site of my denomination. We are a small Protestant denomination that goes back to Revolutionary times in America. Many of the founding patriots were involved, including Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Clara Barton.


  • Countryside Unitarian Universalist Church

    Every Community Minister is endorsed by a local congregation as well as credentialed by the national denomination. Countryside is my endorsing congregation and my practice is a ministry of this church. You will find my listing on the Staff page. Also, this is the location where my Wellness Without Walls Free Hypnosis Clinic meets on the first Saturday of each month.


  • The Association of Professional Chaplains

    APC is the primary credentialling organization for professional chapalins. Board Certified Chaplains train for years beyond their parish colleagues in order to become Spiritual Care Professionals who are considered heatlhcare providers.


  • Meadville/Lombard Theological School

    This is my theological school. While no longer affiliated with the University of Chicago as it was in my day, it is still a fine fully-accredited school. I hold my doctorate degree from this school with Highest Distinction and two academic prizes.



Other Links:

  • The National Cancer Institute

    This is the best place to learn about new developments in the medical treatment of cancer, and to search for Phase Trials for new treatments.


  • The University of Connecticut

    My Bachelor's and Master's Degrees are from the University of Connecticut. This is the web site for my school which is one of the best state universities in the nation.


  • The UConn Philosophy Department

    As I'm trained as a philosopher I try to keep in touch with what the faculty of my college is up to. This is the link to their Department at the University of Connecticut.


  • Phi Beta Kappa

    Since 1776, PBK has been the national academic honor society. I was elected to PBK in 1974 and am proud to be a Sustaining Member of this fine scholarly organization.


  • Aon Celtic Art

    The Celtic Cross Logo for my Practice is licensed from Cari Buziak of Aon Celtic Art. Cari is a delightful person who makes beautiful things in the old Celtic style.