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LifeWays Reiki

Explaining lifeways reiki

Photo by NikkiZalewski/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by NikkiZalewski/iStock / Getty Images

Today only:

Do not worry.

Do not be angry.

With thankfulness,

Work diligently.

Be kind to others.

This is the secret of happiness and health.

Dr. Bates is a Reiki Master Teacher. As such she practices techniques developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui as developed into Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki through the American Reiki Master William Lee Rand. Over the years Reiki Energy Work has spread over the world and adapted itself to other cultures. It uses the ancient spiritual method of "laying on hands" to accomplish the transmission of a universal energy.

While Reiki is not intended as a substitute for conventional medicine, many thousands of people have found it helpful in building physical, spiritual and emotional resilience. It also helps them be healthy and it is deeply comforting. Scientific evidence of the effectiveness for Reiki is increasing and many hospitals and cancer care centers include Reiki in their offerings to their patients. This happened because physicians noticed that Reiki recipients are less worried, less stressed, and more comfortable.

The words at the top of this page are the “Reiki Precepts” passed on to us by Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui nearly 100 years ago. It is the central philosophy underlying the practice of Reiki. 

Reiki has always been intended to be a way of life, a path of serenity, gratitude, authenticity and compassion. Dr. Bates calls her practice “LifeWays Reiki” to emphasize that she considers Reiki to be a healing lifestyle, not just a relaxation method. This understanding is the basis for her work with everyone who comes to her for Reiki Sessions, Classes, and Shares. 

No one knows how Reiki works. But it has become clear, even to the medical world, that Reiki does in fact have beneficial effects. A Reiki Practitioner has been taught and attuned (or initiated) into the practice of Reiki by a Reiki Master Teacher. The Practitioner uses gentle non-manipulative touch (or, if necessary, holding the hands just over the body without touching) to transmit the universal energy to the recipient. Reiki cannot be “told what to do” - it has a wisdom of its own and will move through the recipient’s energetic, physical, mental, emotional systems bringing deep relaxation, balance, healing, and peace.

Reiki helps in different ways. If you are worried, the Reiki session may focus on balancing the energies of head and abdomen - of brain and gut, the centers for experiencing and healing excessive worry. If you’re working on improving your golf game, then you may need us to focus on arms or shoulders, wrists or back muscles, as well as the powerful parts of the subconscious mind that guide your play. If you’re dealing with illness, the focus will be on your immune system, your deep unconscious knowledge of your own self-healing abilities, and those areas where symptoms may be evident. 

The benefits of Reiki are cumulative and it is most effective when regularly repeated. If you are also working with Dr. Giles in Medical Hypnotism or HypnoCoaching® sessions you will usually notice you achieve your goals more easily. The LifeWays Reiki practice does incorporate both hypnotic and HeartMath® techniques to deepen your healing experience and help you become “the best you that you can be.”

Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand.