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Various documents of interest you may download.


Here are some downloads that you might find useful. If you want the full details of my education and training, download my Curriculum Vitae. You can read the current version of my Client Bill of Rights here. You can also get the application for the ICAN Program (my hospital clinic), research results and historical material of interest. Help yourself by clicking on the title of the document and it will download to your computer.

Client Bill of Rights -This is a copy of my Client Bill of Rights. All of clients receive a copy of this document which explains my credentials, practice policies and limits. The distribution of a Client Bill of Rights is a basic part of the Standards of Practice of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Curriculum Vitae -For those who want to know more about me than you can find in the “About Me” section of this web site, here is my complete Curriculum Vitae with all the details.

ICAN Program Application -If you want to apply to join my hospital based program for persons living with cancer, here is the application.

Research Study: A Method of Using Hypnotism with Persons Living with Cancer -This is a copy of my ten-year outcomes study of participants at my hospital program. Participants with cancer who received hypnotism in addition to conventional medical care had, at years ten and beyond, a survival that was significantly greater than the estimated five year survival for cancer patients according to the national outcomes database.

Historical Document: AMA Validates Hypnosis -This is a historical document you may find of interest. It is a reprint of the 1958 edition of the LIFE Magazine article reporting that the American Medical Association approved hypnotism as a helping modality.

Historical Document: 103rd Congress Honors the National Guild of Hypnotists -This is a historical document you may find of interest. It is a copy of the 1993 action of the 103rd Congress of the United States honoring the National Guild of Hypnotists for its work in promoting the responsible and ethical practice of the hypnotic arts and sciences. I am proud to be a member of the Guild as well as one of its national officers.

Historical Document: An Unofficial History -This is an unofficial history I wrote some years ago. This document was created as part of a dialogue between the American Psychological Association and the National Guild of Hypnotists, and gives a personal account of a few important years as modern hypnotism emerged as an organized profession.

Summary: Cancer Care for the Whole Patient -This is a summary of the impressive report by the Institute of Medicine on the effect of psychosocial care on persons living with cancer.

An Informal and Personal History of Professional Hypnotism in the 1980-90s -This document is my personal account of the dialogue that occurred between the American Psychological Association and the National Guild of Hypnotists in 1997. This is an unofficial story of how Consulting Hypnotism was developing, told from my perspective as someone involved. It is offered here so that younger practitioners can be reminded of how things used to be.

The State of Ease, by Doc Childre -This is a short free eBook from the HeartMath Institute describing a simple self-help technique called The State of Ease Technique. It is one of the techniques I use all the time to manage my inner life. This eBook is provided courtesy of the HeartMath Institute.