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Often We Can Help When No One Else Can.

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Rev. C. Scot Giles, D.Min., consulting Hypnotist and Life Coach

Rev. Lindsay Bates, D.Min., reiki Master

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Welcome to our practice website.

Are you dealing with a scary medical diagnosis?

Do you feel your life has gone off track and you have become unfulfilled and uncertain?

Do things in your life seem to go wrong for no reason you can determine?

Are you looking for a way to find peace of mind, comfort and confidence?

We can guide you to solve all of these problems.

Our most powerful services are individual sessions in person or at a distance. We also provide training, self-help videos and articles, as well as hospital-based and free programs. You can learn about them on this website.

Medical Hypnotism is the use of scientific hypnotism to help with issues related to health and well-being, including oncology, weight control and the enhancement of natural fertility. Dr. Giles is internationally known for this work. Additionally, he can help a client examine larger issues, such as finding life goals, effective strategy and purpose through Life Coaching.

Reiki is a soothing practice that heals and strengthens the energy systems of your mind and body, creating balance, poise and confidence. Dr. Bates calls her approach LifeWays Reiki and she is an expert at helping people improve how they feel and behave.

As you will see by looking at the verified client reviews on this website, we have a long and convincing history of success.

The first step is to schedule a Free Screening Call where we will discuss what will work best for you. Click on the Book Now Button below select Free Screening Call from the Hypnotism or Reiki menu. The system will guide you to select a convenient time for that call.

You are welcome to phone or email us directly with any questions. Dr. Giles can be reached at or (630) 668-1141 and Dr. Bates can be reached at or (630) 464-1668.

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