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Weight Management

Excess weight is a national problem and a major threat to your health.


Overeating is a major national health problem and contributes to the onset of many serious medical conditions. Getting your weight under control is one of the best things you can do to insure a healthy life.

Dr. Giles's approach is based on the finding that excessive stress boosts weight in two ways. First, it encourages eating for emotional reasons rather than hunger. Second, the chemicals associated with stress cause the body to store calories instead of burning them. Hypnotism and Heart-Centered work can be the solution. 

Dr. Giles is a former professional chef, and no one understands the pleasure of fine food better than he does. Yet, he takes pride in both maintaining a healthy weight and setting a handsome table. You can do the same.  He does not focus on specific diets or calorie counting. Instead, he will be guided to renegotiate your fundamental relationship toward food.

Using a combination of self-help techniques and hypnotism he will teach you how to shift your mental state into one that serves you better before grocery shopping, eating a meal or snacking. People start to shop more intelligently, serve themselves less food, exercise more and choose better snacks. Having this sort of reasonable, sustainable food philosophy will produce better results for you than all the diets you have ever attempted.

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