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Smoking Cessation

Smoking is a major threat to your well-being.

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Consistent with my interest in medical hypnotism, I maintain a program of hypnotic smoking cessation that can be integrated into any HypnoCoaching program.

Hypnotic smoking cessation is known to be effective. However, research is clear that short-term hypnotic interventions tend to produce temporary results. As my goal is permanent cessation of the smoking behavior, I plan a program with sessions spaced out over a period of time as part of an overall program of HypnoCoaching. With this level of encouragement and reinforcement the results can be lasting. 

When changing any habit, part of the mind always resists. However, I have found that Hypnotism and Heart-Centered work has an excellent track record for overcoming resistance. As your body is monitored by scientific equipment during the trance, we see immediately what sort of resistance your mind is offering to changing your smoking habit. With that knowledge, we can target the resistance directly.