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A New Website for Imbolc

Charles Giles

“Imbolc” (pronounced I-Molg) is the ancient festival that was celebrated by my ancestors this time of year (of February 2nd). In more modern times it’s called St. Bridget’s Day. Held approximately halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, Imbolc marks the beginning of Spring.

It’s still Winter for sure, but the first signs of Spring can be seen. The days are getting longer and the night noticeably does not arrive as early. There is more sunlight. There are glimpses of the thaw to come. It’s a hopeful time.

My ancestors used this time to reflect upon their practices and systems. Spring is coming. It’s time to review and inspect our tools and plans so that when Spring arrives we are ready to begin. We know we will need to get the first crop planted, clean our homes, etc. Imbolc is a time when we prepare to begin anew.

In my professional world this is the time each year when I blow the dust off my practice and look at what I’m doing and ask if there is a better way to get it done. As part of this I have completely rebuilding my practice website. The new is live now. Check it out at

The new site abandons the old “happy rainbow” theme I’ve used for more than a decade. It still preserves the rainbow metaphor but is a darker theme. The new photograph of the rainbow across a stormy sky has now become a standard theme in my office, and forms the wallpaper for all of computer systems, right on down to my iPhone. It will also form the opening slide for presentations, classes and talks.

Ninety-five percent of the hits on my website each month are coming from people using mobile devices (tablets or smartphones). Therefore, the new site is dynamic and reformats itself so it appears different for easy viewing on whatever platform you are using. The site is also simpler and more modern.

I hope to write more frequently and so am renewing my blog. The blog will also be reflected in my Facebook timeline and you can read it there too. If you subscribed to my blog using an RSS feed, you may need to reset the subscription. Also, my entire Twitter feed can be followed from within the website more easily than before. I post daily links to interesting material from around the web.

The next blog posting will be a copy of my recent Sermon on Napoleon Hill, titled “Having a Purpose."