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Reflections from Dr. C. Scot Giles, the Consulting Hypnotist and practice owner at Rev. C. Scot Giles, D.Min., LLC

Major Office Redecoration: July 3-July 8, 2006

Charles Giles

Dear Clients:

During the week of July 2-July 8th, my office will close to permit a comprehensive redecoration. I realize this change may be disconcerting for longer term clients, and I want you to know I welcome your feedback as I adjust and tweak the new design.

The most obvious change will be a slight repositioning of the client’s recliner and the addition of a new desk system from Izzydesign of Michigan. Several pieces of furniture will be removed. While the new desk will be in the same location as the old one, the office will feel simpler and less cluttered.

The high-tech Izzydesign desk contains integral power and wire organization yet has a very simple, table-like appearance. As Lindsay and I live our values, it was important that the new equipment be from a company that is ISO9000 certified as “green.” This means that metals are at least 50% recycled, wood is from sustainable growth forests, all construction materials are environmentally friendly and all finishes used are water-based. Izzydesign meets all of these requirements.

I suspect this will be the last office design I ever have to do, and I wanted to do it right so that I can work the next two decades in comfort and efficiency.

Please bear with me through any chaos that may result from this sort of complete redecoration. My consultants tell me they expect the change to go smoothly.