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The ICAN Hospital Clinic

One of the first medically-approved, hospital based programs in American for hypnotic interventions regarding cancer.

This is a hospital based, medically approved program using hypnotism as an adjunct in the treatment of cancer. It is a cooperative venture between our practice and Amita Medical Center in La Grange, Illinois. This program is apparently the first approved program of its kind in America. Patients have been helped since 1991 with spectacular results. Published outcomes research on this program show that participants have an average ten year survival that is better than the estimated five year survival for their cancer when compared to the national cancer outcomes database.

The I CAN Program is for persons living with cancer. By teaching patients how to use the power of the mind to control discomfort, elevate mood and directly participate in the healing process, this program improves the overall quality of a patient's life, and promotes positive improvement in a patient's medical condition as well.

The I CAN Program merges conversational techniques with instruction in self-hypnosis. Based on the finding that state of mind has a significant effect on medical outcome, people who are engaged in healthy-minded living simply do better medically, even if they have a life-changing disease.

Patients attend weekly two-hour group sessions at Amita LaGrange Medical Center in La Grange where they learn the techniques necessary to use the power of the mind to facilitate healing.

How to Apply

If you wish to consider participation in the I CAN program, contact us by email using the Email icon on the right hand side of this page. You can download the intake form from this web site.

Participation in the I CAN program is restricted by group size limits. The program often has a waiting list. Fees are low.