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Personal Resilience

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We live in a stress filled world and that stress is toxic. Many of us live with our bodies flooded with stress hormones that affect everything from our mood to our weight. People living in stressful situations tend to make poor decisions, overreact emotionally, experience sleep difficulties and can become ineffective in their work and home lives.

Hypnotism and Heart-Centered work can help enormously. Dr. Giles will teach you how to use the power of the greatest goal achieving instrument every evolved—your subconscious mind—to achieve resilience, health, success and well-being.

In addition to learning self-hypnotism to take control of your mind, you will also learn a set of simple Heart-Centered tools that can be used while on-the-go with your eyes open. These tools will settle your mood, lower or prevent the generation of stress hormones, and improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.

We recommend you schedule a free half-hour phone consultation to discuss our services and then decide if they are right for you. You can schedule that session by clicking on the "Booknow Button" below and selecting "Free Phone Consultation" from the services menu. If you are ready to commit to getting control of your life now, click on the"Booknow Button" and select "Initial Consultation."

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