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Often Dr. Giles can help when no one else can.

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While Dr. Giles works to help clients with many medical conditions, he is best known for his work with cancer patients. Research over the past two decades at the I CAN Program at Amita La Grange Memorial Hospital strongly suggests that cancer patients who do individualized hypnotism in addition to conventional medical care have better outcomes, and this is consistent with results achieved at other medical centers.

Hypnotism is a useful tool in cancer care at every stage of treatment. When a person has been recently diagnosed, hypnotism can stabilize mood and keep one calm during the initial steps of diagnosis and staging. During active treatment, hypnotism can help with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and can even speed post-surgical recovery. When treatment is complete, hypnotism can help one maintain a cancer-healthy lifestyle and control the stress that puts so many at risk of further difficulty.

Finally, hypnotism can help you get to the root of your cancer diagnosis. Cancer is a complex illness and current thinking is that several factors come together that allow cancer to manifest. Your genetic inheritance is important as is your medical history. Exposure to carcinogens is a growing problem. However, also important is your level of psychosocial stress. Sustained mood difficulties appear to cause a biochemical reaction in the body that is a “bad actor” and can predispose one to a cancer diagnosis. The practice of Hypnotism and Heart-Centered work can be your path back to health.

Cancer is a serious illness. The most effective hypnotic intervention is customized individual work at our office in Wheaton, Illinois, and that is what we always recommend. If you lack the means for individual care, consider Dr. Giles's Free Hypnotism For Cancer Care groups which he does in multiple locations in the Chicago Area. Admission to his I CAN Program is also possible but there is often a waiting list.

Click on the Appointments/Hours/Directions menu and select Initial Session to get started, or consider the ICAN Hospital Clinic for Cancer Patients or to come to one of our Free Group Programs for cancer patients or their caregivers. 

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